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Wild Women Gathering

Together, we'll celebrate the intensity of being ALIVE in beautiful bodies of LOVE on this blue green planet EARTH, from whom we are not separate, & whose nervous system is so much greater than our own.

Unravelling ourselves, we will PLUG into HER – rewiring & resetting!

We'll eat, laugh, sleep, dance, cry, sing, howl, dream, shake, roar, celebrate and love together

as one tribe of Women Awakening.

Opening Circle:

Thursday 31 Oct @ 18h00 

Closing Circle:

Wednesday 6 Nov @ 10h00 - 12h30


A stunning riverside farm on the Breede River, near Swellendam, South Africa
We'll dissolve in the liquid waters of the River, we will stand naked in the wind and melt into the sun.

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Your Beautiful Breathing Body is a gateway to the Bliss that is your Birthright

Using the conscious connected continuous circular breathing rhythm,
we will open and expand, relax and let go...

Together, we will welcome the intensity of being alive in beautiful breathing bodies of love on this blue green planet earth from whom we are not separate and who's nervous system is so much greater than our own.

Let's plug into her and rewire ourselves!

Powerful physical, emotional and psychological healing happens
spontaneously as a result of conscious connected breathing.


A Celebration of Feminine Embodiment


Exploring the meaning of Spiritual Eroticism, through Breath, undulating Movements, Silence,

and Erotic Companionship with Your Divine Self.

Skydancing is a mystical Tantric practice embracing the natural sexual flow in the body as a tool for realization. Co-penetrating physical & spiritual, masculine & feminine, form & formlessness,

in what appears to be a dance of Existence vibrating as the body of woman, and expressing as BLISS.

Movement and Dance

BlissDance & Shamanic Elemental Embodiment Dance


BlissDance is a Tantric movement practice of AWAKENING.

 It invites us to feel, express and move to the pulsating Eros of Life 

~ the light, the dark, the shadow ~ leaving nothing out.


 In doing so, we dance ourselves back home into our hearts, into love, and into our authentic essence.

BlissDance seduces us into an intricate intimacy with reality.

Sweat Lodge

A powerful Sweat Lodge Ceremony where we prepare and assemble the lodge together

and sweat our prayers and gratitude.

We pray, sing, we give thanks and commune

with our selves, each other, and the Great Spirit.

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Together we will inquire into the true nature of

Freedom, Embodiment, Desire, Pleasure & the Bliss that is our Birthright…

Yoni Puja

For courageous women ready to receive the empowering wonderment of their own pussy.

Market Day

We invite you to come and share what you have to offer. In this way we can grow together not only on a spiritual and emotional level, but also grow our support and appreciation of each other’s talents and crafts.

A beautiful way to network and weave a web of lasting connection.

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Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night is where sisters are invited to share and express their creativity in many different ways.

This often allows us to push our edge and express our authentic selves with the most loving and encouraging audience you can ever imagine. We have seen the birth of blooming Burlesque dancers, hula- hoop performers, musicians, poets, storytellers and so much more. 

> Read more HERE


Ample time allocated for deep rest and relaxation.

We swim in the beautiful Breede river or bask and nap in the sun.

We enjoy the abundance of the surrounds including spotting fish eagles, going for walks,

connecting to Mother Nature or simply reading a book under a shady tree.

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