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Market Day

We invite you to come and share what you have to offer. In this way we can grow together not only on a spiritual and emotional level, but also grow our support and appreciation of each other’s talents and crafts.

A beautiful way to network and weave a web of lasting connection.


The Market will be held in the RED Tent Space, the structure being informal and very social.

All you need is a throw or blanket to display your crafts, no need for unnecessary tables and chairs, the ground beneath us is plenty which Mother Nature lovingly provides.


How you trade is completely up to you, we suggest cash (there is no signal for online purchases) but you are welcome to trade in Talents, to swop, exchange or gift. Whatever YOU feel works best for YOU.


If you feel you have no craft to offer, you can consider items like, pre-loved books, jewelry or clothes.

You might be tired of them but they could bring joy to someone else. 


  • Do you make herbal teas, tinctures or cleansing bundles? Bring them along!

  • Do you do tarot or oracle readings? Come share them with us! 

  • Do you offer reiki, massage or crystal healing? Come show us!

  • Are you a dancer, musician, poet or performer? We will adoringly be your audience!

All of our RED Retreat Market Days have been a huge success and many of our sisters are still benefiting from the support and networking that took place.

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