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31 October - 6 November 2024

A Gathering of Wild Women

An annual deep dive into the awakened feminine' s mysteries;
a co-created gathering of conscious, embodied women,
camping between a broad river and rolling mountains
on the southern tip of Africa.

Envision 6 days of bliss in an idyllic riverside & mountain setting.

During our time together we will dance, trance, shake & drum around the sacred fire.

We will dissolve in the liquid waters of the Breede River, we will stand naked in the wind and melt into the sun.

Together, we will celebrate the intensity of being ALIVE in beautiful bodies of LOVE on this blue green planet EARTH,

from whom we are not separate, & whose nervous system is so much greater than our own.

Unravelling ourselves, we will PLUG into HER – rewiring & resetting!

We'll eat, laugh, sleep, dance, cry, sing, howl, dream, shake, roar, celebrate and love together as

one tribe of Women Awakening.

Together, we’ll camp under the starry African night sky,

and live in intimate communion with the elements: earth, fire, wind & water.
We'll cook & eat together as a tribe of conscious women, as lovers, as truth warriors.
We'll share our stories, our deepest desires, our hearts' songs, and perhaps our secrets too.

We will dance, breathe, sing, meditate, laugh, cry, & inquire into our true essence.

We will be fearless explorers of the inner world of wondrous women.
We'll meet her mystery, her blessings, her body of love, & her innate power for embodied bliss.

We'll explore community, sisterly support & the nourishment that comes from the sharing of our unique gifts,

our fascinating wonderment & our unique inner beauty.

The RED Retreat includes group session work, dances, meditation, breathwork, lodge, ceremony & rites of passage.

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