"The RED Retreat has become my home! A place where I feel received! ALL of me is welcome here! It is a gathering where I directly experience the power of our Divine Mother, the power of the Land and the Sacredness that is Sisterhood. I look forward to it every year!"

— Sonnet Flynn

"Wombxn from many walks and paths join here to dance, cry, eat, swim, play and pray. It is an invitation from yourself, to explore the expanse of your being. It is a time where you can truly drop into the wisdom that surrounds you. You may walk in being a stranger, but you will definitely walk out with an undeniable sense of sisterhood."

— Julia Joy

The Red Retreat was life changing and transformative for me, words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience.
The 4 world class facilitators hold a safe impeccable space with great love and integrity. Dropping into vulnerability with other women is so tender, healing and heart opening - it is magic for the heart and soul. The embodied practices recalibrated my body on a cellular level and support me to live my best most vibrant life. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!’

— Sally Berg


I was initially drawn to the Red Retreat because of the powerhouse of facilitators. And, 5 days camping next to a river sounded like the break I needed. 


What I found next to that river was infinitely deeper than what I could have imagined. I've been on women's retreats all over the world, and this one touched me on a level that none other has. Every single day was gentle, yet profound. I felt held by the facilitators and the other women, yet wild and free. It was both incredibly nurturing and a slow unraveling of everything I've been carrying inside me for years.   


If life allows, I would make this retreat my yearly pilgrimage. I returned home lighter, and more grounded in myself. And the women on this retreat - wow! I adore all of them, and forged life-long friendships on the banks of that river. The Red Retreat is honestly life-changing. 

— Marilu Gabba

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Two days into the 2020 gathering, I asked myself why anyone would want to do this to themselves… by the last day I didn’t want to leave… and counted the days to the next RED retreat. Next year you will find me there again, ready to be reborn into an even more beautiful self, carried by the love of the women around me into newness, into joy, into connection. My deepest gratitude goes to all those who hold the space, and who have created this wonderful opportunity to dive deep into our inner beings.

— Karin Anderson

“The women of the RED Retreat held me in a place so safe, so welcoming, so free of judgment that I was able to remember.  I remembered that I have always been connected to myself, and that I AM. I am enough. I am complete. I am everything. I am exactly where I want to be. I left the banks of the River feeling unblocked and open, with gifts of practice (tools and knowledge) to help me live in flow: Present, and with gratitude.  A humbling, healing and fully transformative week. Thank you”

— Shirley Gilbey

"I can highly recommend The RED Retreat to any woman who would like to tap into her wild woman's heart, as facilitated and held by the encircling womb energy of the feminine group dynamic. You will be guided by four amazingly powerful woman, each highly evolved and skilled in their own fields of expertise. You will express, move, dance, cry, weep, hold and be held. You will release so much pent up emotion and deeply stored trauma. The breath work took me up onto another plane of existence - it almost felt like an out of body experience! The venue alone is a spiritual experience in and of itself. Being lullabied to sleep by the sounds of the Breede river and swimming naked in her waters, while being held between the banks her endless wisdom. The food was a feast for the senses, an absolute treat and so wholesome! I came away emptied and drained in the best possible way, yet at the same time filled to overflowing from such a powerful spiritual experience. I can't wait to do it all again next year!! Deep gratitude to Rhianne, Lolla, Kali and Valentina for making the magic happen.”

— Michela Mercoria

"Wow!! Four Kick-ass Crones who thoroughly redefine the common perception of being a crone...one that inspires being alive and growing older with an individual and sassy sparkle - unique for each of us.


These girls don’t mess around - they are women who have learned who they truly are and have stepped into their power…and who use their combined skills, personal interests and passion to inspire and guide each participant on a path to find their own - this is life changing & HIGHLY recommended for those who are keen to find themselves within layers of conditioning...for those who are ready for the guidance these amazing ladies can offer...they weave their magic into fun, heart opening and gently challenging activities which combine very synergistic-ally to create a powerful group and individual  experience - I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this...it truly is worth saving up to attend."

— Clare Maude