Inclusivity and Diversity

The RED Retreat values and honours Inclusivity & Diversity.  Under the safety  & sanctity of the Red Tent ~ & in the arms of Mother Nature ~ ALL women are welcome.

We appreciate being able to invest time & money in a Retreat is a great privilege, not afforded to all our sisters.  We therefore offer various sponsorships, focusing particularly on women of colour from marginalised communities.  


Our passionate mantra is, ‘As I rise, I lift.’


In order to offer Diversity & Inclusion Bursaries, we hold various fundraisers throughout the year.

Donations are welcome. All contributions are received with delighted & joyful gratitude.

Please use reference: RED Diversity



RL van der Linde
Standard Bank


Please support your sisters - because the more magnificent SHE is, the more magnificent YOU are

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Our beloved sisters Nelly, Maria -Louise and Mathilda, could attend  our 2021 Retreat thanks to our Diversity Fund. Watch what they have to share below:

Please watch this powerful share by our beloved sister, Julia Joy (2020),  in the video below.

 Please watch this powerful share by our beloved sister, Trina, in the video below. (2019)    The RED Retreat Diversity Fund has enabled Trina to participate at both the 2019 & 2021 gatherings.  

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