How to prepare

What to bring:

Camping: Bring your own tent, mattress/something soft to sleep on

Bedding: Duvet, sleeping bag, blanket, pillow (keep an eye on the weather forecast & be sure to bring what you need to keep you cozy & warm at night)

Bring Your Own: Plate, bowl, mug, knife, fork, spoon

For the workspace: Yoga mat, sheepskin, water-bottle, cushion, blanket, sarong/kikoi, journal & pen

Clothing: Comfortable clothes to move and work in. Flip flops come in handy to protect your feet from thorny grass patches. We will be dancing, shaking, stretching, moving & loving…layers of clothes to take on & off to regulate your body temperature. Be as glamorous & as sexy as you like. Wear as little or as much clothing as you require…

River/swimming: Swimming costume (optional), sun hat, towel, sunscreen, floating devices, blow-up boats, lilo’s, noodles, dolphins etc

Cosmetics: Please bring only organic & biodegradable shampoos & soaps etc.

Miscellaneous: Torch/lantern, unscented coconut oil (a small jar will do), your own stash of chocolate, nuts & sweets if you think you will be needing them :), hammock, solar lamps, fairy lights, any decor items you’d like to contribute to co-creating the RED Retreat space…

Music: Drums, shakers, guitars, singing bowls, rainsticks – any instruments for fireside boogies & moonlight serenades

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What NOT  to bring

Jewellery: All sorts…perhaps even your wedding ring

Perfumes/deodorants: please leave at home any added scents (even essential oils) we will be practicing being in the company of our PURE SELF – unrefined and deliciously divine!

Body creams/ beauty products: the unscented coconut oil will serve as both face and body moisturiser and even as a toothpaste.

Make-up, foundation, lipstick: No need to wear masks here…you will be loved for who you are and not for what you look like 🙂 

Fancy Lingerie: you are invited to release your body from the grip of your bra…as often as possible

Children & Fur Children: regret no pets or children (other than breastfeeding children under the age of 1)

Unfinished Business: please do your very best to close any personal business before arrival on Thursday, so you will be ready to switch off your phone for the whole duration of THE RED RETREAT – it will be a wonderful opportunity to practice freedom from social attachments…it will do you the world of good! 

Please ensure you are able to stay FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION of the retreat as we need to begin and end our journey TOGETHER.

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Directions to the Breede  River Venue

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The drive to ‘Up The Creek’ is approximately 3hrs from Cape Town, so please give yourself plenty of travelling time to arrive at the latest by 5:00pm.
We will be starting with dinner at 6.00pm.


From Cape Town:

* Take the N2 towards Swellendam.
* Approximately 10 km before Swellendam, turn right onto a dirt road at the sign that says Malgas/Infanta.
* After 2-3 km, take the left turn to Napkysmond.
* Drive for approximately 15km until you see the sign ‘Up the Creek’ on the LHS.
* There is a big green tank and an old ox wagon.
* Turn left here and drive down the hill and through the Up the Creek camp down to the river.
* Follow the track to the left alongside the river for a few 100m until you reach a little stone house.
* Park here to offload your tent etc and you will be directed to park you car at an allocated parking spot up the hill, where your car will remain for the duration of  The RED Retreat.



Please Note

Please use Facebook Event Page to arrange lifts and ridesharing.

Arrival: You are welcome to arrive any time from 3 pm to set up your tent. (Please do not arrive any earlier than 3pm)

Departure: Is at 10am – after breakfast on Tuesday morning 19 October (it is very important that we pay attention and take care as to how we move out of the retreat space.

We intentionally chose to end The RED Retreat on Tuesday morning because we want to avoid the rush home.                  

Our wish for every participant is that they can stay for breakfast on Tuesday and celebrate the closing of this powerful process with us…and then to take a slow drive home, allowing for gentle reflection and integration of the process.

Meals: Simple, nurturing & nourishing vegetarian food lovingly prepared & cooked on the fire. Do remember to bring your own plate, bowl, cup, mug and eating utensils.

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